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[Help-gsl] Help Required

From: A J
Subject: [Help-gsl] Help Required
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 11:34:10 -0500

I have a situation like this:

A.h looks something like:

struct B:C{
   size_t x;
   D *e();

   gsl_vector *g;

class A{
   C *f;
   size_t xa;
   C *h;


Now, inside of A.cpp has as method that looks like:

D *B::e(){


I want to use g inside this method, but I don't necessarily want to allocate
and deallocate it everytime this method is called. I would like to allocate
it exactly once, if possible in the constructor A::A() itself.

Can Anyone help me figure this out?


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