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[Help-gsl] siman: fixed vs variable configurations

From: John Gehman
Subject: [Help-gsl] siman: fixed vs variable configurations
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 21:11:39 +1000

Hi all,

I'm currently looking into using the simulated annealing routine to search parameter space that doesn't not appear to behave nicely using neither the usual newtonian nor more customized approaches. My objective function requires much more data than a simple array of variables, even though it is only the simple array of variables that need to be optimized. I currently have all of this data, including the variables array, tied together into a single struct for easy passing to different functions. By the time I call the siman routine, the struct is fully defined and therefore of a fixed size. Hence I'm inclined to use the fixed-size type approach to siman. I'm not sure, though, what to do about the size argument to the siman_solve routine.

In the examples from the manual, the array of variables is either a single double value (in the trivial example), or an array of integers (in the travelling salesman example), passed as a void * argument into any component functions. Hence it is easy to define the size of the elements in the variables structure -- sizeof double or integer.

As my void * argument references a complicated structure, and not a simple array of fixed-size elements, am I forced to use the "variable size" approach to siman, where I define copy, constructor, and destructor functions instead of just saying NULL, and set the size to 0 instead of sizeof(double) ?


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