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[Help-gsl] some questions

From: Raphael Mack
Subject: [Help-gsl] some questions
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 20:52:14 +0200


I'm relatively new to gsl and here. I'm writing a wrapper for the
programming language (Smart)Eiffel and have a few questions:

in gsl_complex.h the structs gsl_complex, gsl_complex_float and
gsl_complex_long_double are provided. But the functionss in
gsl_complex_math.h just support the default double size. Am I just to
blind to see some C macro or is there at the moment no way to e. g. add
to gsl_complex_float values?

In gsl_complex_math.h I read:

double gsl_complex_arg (gsl_complex z); /* return arg(z), -pi< arg(z) <=
+pi */

How precise is this comment? May I relay on this "assertion" or may

assert(gsl_complex_arg(z) > - M_PI)
assert(gsl_complex_arg(z) <= M_PI)

crash for some z?


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