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[Help-gsl] using gsl in a c-mex file

From: Juan Pantano
Subject: [Help-gsl] using gsl in a c-mex file
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 11:27:55 -0800


I am trying to use the gsl library in a C mex file to be called from matlab.
Matlab is not fast enough so I am trying to code some modules on C and call
them from matlab.
I first compile the computational routine of the mex file on gcc

gcc -c testgslsource.c

then from within MATLAB I build the mex file by linking the object file from
testgslsource to the mex getaway routine and the gsl libraries

mex testgsl.c testgslsource.o -lm -lgsl -lgslcbla

It seem to compile fine but when I run it I get the following error...

Invalid MEX-file 'mypath/testgsl.mexsol':
/ssc/matlab7/bin/sol2/MATLAB: fatal: relocation error: file
/ssc/lib/ symbol __eprintf: referenced symbol not found.

Any ideas what is going on?
Any help would be so much appreciated...
Thanks !

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