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[Help-gsl] FW: [ #221671] Gnu Scientific Library 1.6 PS format

From: Adourian, Chahe
Subject: [Help-gsl] FW: [ #221671] Gnu Scientific Library 1.6 PS format
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:35:21 -0500

Dear Mme/Sir

I have download the GSL 1.6 documentation in Postscript format. After
converting it to PDF with Adobe, it is not possible to search the
text, nor to copy any parts of the text.  For example, If I copy a
portion of the paragraph using the Text Select in Adobe and then I
paste this into Word, or any other application, the output is
jibberish.  Can a new copy of the GSL documentation be made that
doesn't have these problems?


Chahe Adourian
Simulation Specialist
Canadian Space Agency

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