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[Help-gsl] using individual functions of gsl

From: Bo Peng
Subject: [Help-gsl] using individual functions of gsl
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 01:15:10 -0500
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Dear list,

I am using the rng and randist functions in my project. Encouraged by 
the manual, ( Where possible the routines in the library have been 
written to avoid dependencies between modules and files.) I tried for 
the past five hours extracting files from GSL source tree  ...

I first copied rng and randist directories as well as some general head 
files. I was told that I need gamma in specfunc, I copied that over, 
something else was missing..... I copied the whole specfunc directory 
and many other things are missing.... It seems that I am copying the 
whole source tree now!

Are there any good ways to extract files/functions? It seems that many 
functions that are not needed by rng/randist are causing dependence 
problems but getting rid of them is close to impossible (without 
proper tools) ... 

Many thanks in advance.

Bo Peng

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