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[Help-gsl] example of linear fitting does not release dinamical memory!

From: Anton Kulchitsky
Subject: [Help-gsl] example of linear fitting does not release dinamical memory!
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:16:46 -0800
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Printed documentation, Second edition, Chapter 35, pp.479--481, the last example of the linear fitting

There are 3 calls of gsl_vector_alloc and gsl_matrix_alloc. However, there are no calls of gsl_vector_free and gsl_matrix_free. Why there are no needs for this?


Anton Kulchitsky

PS. I have another question. Do authors plan to include some PDE work into the library? I have my own rather comprehensive and good tested code for hyperbolic equations (different one-step finite volume methods from upwind to FCT and TVD schemes, 2D+time and 1D+time). That could be adopted for GSL. And some simple code for parabolic equations (1D+time and 2D+time). I also could write and test some code for elliptic equations (something lile the code presented in Numerical Recepies library and maybe for complex numbers). I could work on it (during this year, this is a necessary part of my current project) and submit the code and docs (all I need for my documentation is verify my terrible English). Do you need it? Do you have any docs for programmers (like GSL programming guide or so)?

I am working on parallel code too for PDEs.

Anton Kulchitsky,
Post Doc Fellow
GI, UAF, Alaska Fairbanks
(907) 474-7524

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