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Re: What does GRUB2 do when there's nothing to do?

From: Manfred Haertel, DB3HM
Subject: Re: What does GRUB2 do when there's nothing to do?
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 17:08:42 +0100
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Andrei Borzenkov schrieb:
On 28.11.2021 12:56, Philip Rowlands wrote:
When testing with many different kernels installed, I often interrupt the menu 
timeout then make a cup of tea, or become otherwise distracted.

When this happens, GRUB2 is waiting for keyboard input but also appears to be 
consuming power, judging by the way the fans speed up. (Optiplex 7090, if it 
makes a difference.)

Is there any config around polling / power saving, or any interactive commands 
which would show relevant settings? In Linux I'd be looking at P-states and 
C-states, but options are limited from the bootloader.

grub busy loops waiting for keyboard input, so there is not much that can be 
done here.

grub could be changed to execute a "hlt" instruction after requesting to be woken up by a timer interrupt from the APIC...

Manfred Härtel, DB3HM

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