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Re: GRUB_DEFAULT=saved with GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true doesn't work here

From: Ulf Zibis
Subject: Re: GRUB_DEFAULT=saved with GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true doesn't work here
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 19:51:34 +0200
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Am 16.10.21 um 18:14 schrieb Andrei Borzenkov:
On 16.10.2021 18:23, Ulf Zibis wrote:
/dev/sda9/boot/grub/grub.cfg (( created by "sudo update-grub" ))
# It is automatically generated by grub-mkconfig using templates
# from /etc/grub.d and settings from /etc/default/grub

### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/00_header ###
if [ -s $prefix/grubenv ]; then
Your boot setup is rather unclear but assuming your have three
partitions, and each partition has its own /boot/grub - "configfile"
command does not change $prefix variable. So every loaded config file
continues to refer to /boot/grub of your primary grub instance.
1. Your assumption is correct.
2. Except in the 1st partition, there is no x86_64-efi folder in /boot/grub/, 
so no grub instance can run from there.
3. But what is the problem, when always /boot/grub/grubenv of the primary 
partition is used to load and save the last selected menu nr.?

   set have_grubenv=true


terminal_output gfxterm
if [ "${recordfail}" = 1 ] ; then
   set timeout=30
This could be one reason. recordfail stores variable in primary grubenv,
but boot script that runs in this Linux instance tries to clear it in
different grubenv. So after you have booted this Linux instance once,
recordfail variable is stuck in primary grubenv.

Yes, this makes sense, why the timeout doesn't work as expected. Thanks for 
your hint.

But it doesn't explain, why the saved default menu coḿes not in use.

I suspect, if you have noticed my alternative grub.cfg far below. Please also 
have a look ...

Both are existant:
- /dev/sda1/boot/grub/grubenv
- /dev/sda9/boot/grub/grubenv

With the alternative below, at least "GRUB_TIMEOUT=5" works as expected,
but "GRUB_DEFAULT=saved" never works.

/dev/sda1/boot/grub/grub.cfg (( Version 2 ))
menuentry "Menü von Ubuntu-32 18.04 auf /dev/sda9" {
     insmod part_gpt
     insmod ext2
     insmod configfile
     insmod test
     insmod loadenv
     insmod all_video
     insmod ieee1275_fb
     insmod vbe
     insmod vga
     insmod video_bochs
     insmod video_cirrus
     insmod gettext
     insmod gzio
     insmod xzio
     insmod lzopio
     insmod linux
     insmod linuxefi
     search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root
         set prefix=($root)'/boot/grub'
         configfile $prefix/grub.cfg
     # configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

So I'm wondering, as grubenv now seems correctly found.

Does one have an idea, how to make "GRUB_DEFAULT=saved" working here?

Thanks in advance,

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