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Error Could't send network package

From: Mathias Radtke
Subject: Error Could't send network package
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 07:49:09 +0000


I am a developer at the opsi opriject (
We use grub for our UEFI netboot component.
Recently we received complaints from our customers that some of their devices 
do not perform the UEFI Netboot completely. The machine starts to load our 
bootimage and then displays the message "Error: couldn't send network package". 
The affected devices are mostly HPs. I have an HP 250G7 with newest firmware on 
my desk and I can confirm this. 850G8 are also affected witht he newest 
firmware. I analyzed those devices with wireshark and the network connection 
dies after couple of seconds.
Today I received a video of another customer where the said error message is 
displayed in the grub menu on a Microsoft Surface Go 2.

Is this a known issue?
What can/should I do to provide more information on this issue?
I am using grub 2.02 and 2.04 wit the same error message.


Mathias Radtke

opsi - Open PC-Server-Integration
das Open Source Client-Management-System von uib gmbh

Mathias Radtke
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uib gmbh
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55118 Mainz


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