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How to build and install grub2-efi on a freebsd 12 machine

From: ruchir bharadwaj
Subject: How to build and install grub2-efi on a freebsd 12 machine
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 13:02:22 +0530


I am trying to install GRUB2 on a freebsd-12 machine however port for the
same have been discontinued


So I decided to download the tar and install it on a freebsd12 machine.

* I  got the tarball from here


* I ran configure command, .i.e.

       cd grub-2.0

      sh ./configure

it gives me message like

GRUB2 will be compiled with following components:
Platform: i386-pc
With devmapper support: No (need libdevmapper header)
With memory debugging: No
With disk cache statistics: No
With boot time statistics: No
efiemu runtime: Yes
grub-mkfont: No (need freetype2 library)
grub-mount: No (need FUSE library)
starfield theme: No (No build-time grub-mkfont)
With libzfs support: Yes
Build-time grub-mkfont: No (need freetype2 library)
Without unifont (no build-time grub-mkfont)
With liblzma from -llzma (support for XZ-compressed mips images)
With stack smashing protector: No

however my intention is to build it for a amd-64 freebsd12 machine with
UEFI. however I could find the necessary switches for the same.

I tried to search on internet however I could not find any reference for
installing GRUB2-efi on a freebsd12 machine.

Kindly Let me know how I could achieve this task.



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