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Multiple btrfs root subvolumes?

From: Justin Vallon
Subject: Multiple btrfs root subvolumes?
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2021 01:02:30 -0400
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I am wondering whether Grub2 has any btrfs support for multiple root subvolumes. It appears it might be able to handle writing a grub.cfg that would reboot into the current root partition if the partition is btrfs (though, not sure).

The grub-mkconfig code seems confused by btrfs:

1) It assumes a device has a single filesystem
2) It steps through devices, then maps device to mount point
3) 30_os-prober has some code for btrfs from os-prober output, but I don't see where os-prober will generate such entries

It would be nice if it would be able to generate a grub.cfg that could boot into any subvolume that was bootable:

1) Recognize btrfs filesystem
2) Temp mount subvol=. if not already mounted
3) Run os-detector on each subvol

Does this not work?


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