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Re: How to create a separate /boot partition? (Ubuntu if it's relevant)

From: Narcis Garcia
Subject: Re: How to create a separate /boot partition? (Ubuntu if it's relevant)
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2021 18:39:57 +0200

0. This is not a GNU/Linux mailing list. It's about a boot manager
(previous to Linux and GNU OS)
Backup everything to revert every step if this fails:

1. Clone whole rotational disk to SSD

2. Format rotational disk, make and mark a partition there, and move
/boot/* content in that partition (not in a /boot subdir!)

3. Register that new boot partition to /etc/fstab to be mounted on /boot

4. From a chroot environment at SSD root with /boot mounted:
grub-install to rotational disk

Narcis Garcia

El 4/4/21 a les 18:24, Chris Green ha escrit:
> A friend (it really is a friend and not me) has an old[ish] system
> running Ubuntu 18.04.
> It's all on a spinning hard disk at the moment but he has bought a new
> SSD and wants to run off that.  The problem is that the SSD isn't
> recognised by the BIOS, it works perfectly once Ubuntu is up and
> running though.
> So what one needs to do is to create a /boot partition on the old
> spinning hard disk which will then be able to see and mount the new
> SSD which has the / partition on it.
> What's the easiest way of doing this, preferably without doing a new
> install?

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