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Re: Change Full Disk Encryption Password Prompt Font and/or Background I

From: Cullen Ross
Subject: Re: Change Full Disk Encryption Password Prompt Font and/or Background Image (stage 1)?
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 18:14:29 -0400

Well, it turns out your first link was incredibly helpful! I successfully
created an image that loads s background image as well as changes the font
during stage 1! For those who also like to obsessively theme every nook and
cranny of their setup, here's my early-grub.cfg:
set root=(memdisk)
set prefix=($root)/

set gfxmode=1920x1080,auto
set locale_dir=$prefix/locale
set lang=en_US

terminal_output gfxterm
background_image -m stretch /grub.png
loadfont /tewii.pf2

cryptomount -u 61bdd40e7988423a934d009099dec298
set root='cryptouuid/61bdd40e7988423a934d009099dec298'
set prefix=($root)/@/boot/grub

configfile grub.cfg
The `memdisk.tar` was created by issuing `tar cf grub.png tewii.pf2` and
the final `grub-mkimage` command was:
grub-mkimage -c early-grub.cfg -o grubx64.efi -O x86_64-efi -m memdisk.tar
part_gpt cryptodisk luks gcry_rijndael gcry_rijndael gcry_sha256 btrfs
memdisk tar all_video efi_gop efi_uga video_bochs video_cirrus gfxterm
video font gfxterm_background video_colors bitmap_scale extcmd png bufio
bitmap gettext configfile
Of course, your modules might be a little different for your setup so be
sure to follow the first part of the arch wiki section.

Thank you so much Hans!! I seriously thought it was impossible to do this
for a LONG time!


On Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 2:50 PM Cullen Ross <> wrote:

> Hi Hans,
> Thanks for the response! Sorry if there is some confusion, I'm not trying
> to set the keyboard layout. Thanks for the suggestions though!
> Regarding fonts, I'm not sure which modules need to be loaded. I'm looking
> at `moddep.lst` like you mentioned and there are a handful of various video
> modules. My video card is intel if that helps. From what I understand, do I
> place modules <some_video_module>, gfxterm, font in `GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES`?
> The gfxterm module requires the font and video modules, so do I place those
> in front of gfxterm in the `GRUB_PRELOAD_MODULES` setting? Finally, where
> do I put the `loadfont` command and where can the font file be if the disk
> is encrypted? Perhaps in /boot/grub?
> Lastly, if gfxterm is loaded early, does this mean I can issue a command
> to set the image background?
> Thank you so much!
> Best,
> Cullen
> On Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 2:18 PM Hans Gruber <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> About custom keyboard layout at grub2 first stage here is what I have
>> used and done.
>> About custom fonts you don't need to rename your custom font to
>> unicode.pf2
>> You have inside your /boot/grub/${grub_cpu}-${grub_platform} folder of
>> your linux distributions usefull *.lst files including the moddep.lst which
>> is listing all modules and their dependencies.
>> To load a custom font you need video modules, gfxterm as output, font
>> modules and then do a loadfont yourcustomfont.pf2 file.
>> You can find all Grub2 console command in grub2 manual.
>> <>
>> Hope this help.
>> If you need further help.
>> Regards
>> Hans
>> Le dimanche 14 mars 2021 à 17:58:00 UTC+1, Cullen Ross <
>>> a écrit :
>> Hello everyone,
>> This is my first time here, so I apologize if this has been answered
>> before
>> or if I'm not properly following etiquette.
>> I've recently set up my laptop for full disk encryption, so when I start
>> my
>> machine, I'm greeted by GRUB's password prompt. Additionally, I've been
>> theming grub to match a universal font and background image that I have.
>> So
>> far, I have everything set up the way I want except for the initial
>> password prompt (I believe this is considered to be stage 1 of GRUB?). I'm
>> trying to change the font from the default one so that it matches the font
>> I've set everywhere else. Is it possible to change it? The only resource
>> I've found that talks about changing stage 1 settings is here:
>> . Obviously this wasn't quite helpful because I'm not changing keyboard
>> layouts. Could someone explain how to change the stage 1 password prompt
>> font if it's possible? I've also tried replacing the system installed
>> `unicode.pf2` with the font I want (renamed to unicode.pf2) and then
>> reinstalling grub with `grub-install` but that didn't work.
>> Additionally, if it's possible to set a background image at stage 1 could
>> someone explain how to do that as well?
>> Thank you so much for any and all assistance!
>> Best,
>> Cullen

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