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loadbios parameter usage

From: Tom Psyborg
Subject: loadbios parameter usage
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 09:03:08 +0100


I think the loadbios setting could help me workaround some software
bug and allow for a few tweaks, but can't find much info about it's

Someone can tell whether it is suppose to work with both legacy and
UEFI, or only UEFI operating system? I suppose latter since it is
contained in directory with efi suffix but confirmation would be fine.

The system is an AMD laptop, boots fine, but after cold start
examining shadow bios at 0xC0000 the CPU temperature limit
(ucHtcTmpLmt and ucHtcHystLmt) is left zero.
After windows restart the shadow bios contain proper values for the
mentioned fields, 100 and 1 respectively.

Regards, Tom

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