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Re: How to boot ISO using grub on SLES 11 SP4

From: Jonas Bechtel
Subject: Re: How to boot ISO using grub on SLES 11 SP4
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 19:43:48 +0200

Dear TO, dear list,

I would suggest to

1. Unpack the ISO image (choose the smallest possible, e. g. network install 
image) (mount -o loop I guess)
2. Look for kernel and ramdisk (commonly the former is called 
vmlinux/vmlinuz/vmlinux.gz, the latter is called initrd or similar)
3. Copy those two files to a location where grub can reach it (e. g. 
4. Set up Grub to boot those two files per default.
5. Now restart and make the update.
6. Set back Grub to the old/updated system (commonly /boot/vmlinuz and 
/boot/initrd symlinks)


- Hopefully Azure has a good keyboard(/mouse) emulation - do you have a VNC 

- Normally even on the netinstall image there are more than two files. Some of 
them are normally used to load the next stage of the install system. As these 
are not available then, the very first stage (implanted in initrd) will use the 
network to load the next stage. Alternatively you can copy all files of the 
.iso image to a small extra partition and boot to this.

- If anything goes wrong (and as there's no possibility for ISOs) you have to 
become creative.

- I suggest to test this procedure with your local computer.

- If Linux needs special boot options in that VM environment, you need to guess 

- Good luck!

Best Regards 
 Jonas Bechtel

P. S.: Once I managed to chainload an iso image as emulated device, but I don't 
know anymore how to make this again.

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On Mon, 31 Aug 2020 19:14:53 +0530
Sac Isilia <> wrote with subject
"How to boot ISO using grub on SLES 11 SP4":

> Hi Team,
> I am currently facing an issue that currently SUSE itself is not
> providing the support. Below is the case scenario description
> We have one SLES 11 SP4 machine in our environment that is hosted on
> Azure. We need to upgrade the machine to SLES 12 SP5 latest service
> pack since SLES 11 SP4 is now EOL. Earlier we used to simply attach
> the ISO to VmWare vsphere and do the upgrade , but since now our
> machine sits in azure and there is no way to attach the ISO to do the
> upgrade.
> I thought of another way of doing it but I dont know the technical
> details to do it. I am thinking of copying the ISO to our server and
> mount it. The server is using grub as the boot loader. Now i dont
> know what changes I need to make in grub on SLES 11 SP4 so that if I
> restart I get the SLES 12 SP5 ISO boot prompt from where I can
> proceed with my upgrade.
> Please let me know the technical steps . It would be of great help.
> Regards
> Sachin Kumar

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