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How to boot ISO using grub on SLES 11 SP4

From: Sac Isilia
Subject: How to boot ISO using grub on SLES 11 SP4
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 19:14:53 +0530

Hi Team,

I am currently facing an issue that currently SUSE itself is not providing
the support. Below is the case scenario description

We have one SLES 11 SP4 machine in our environment that is hosted on Azure.
We need to upgrade the machine to SLES 12 SP5 latest service pack since
SLES 11 SP4 is now EOL. Earlier we used to simply attach the ISO to VmWare
vsphere and do the upgrade , but since now our machine sits in azure and
there is no way to attach the ISO to do the upgrade.

I thought of another way of doing it but I dont know the technical details
to do it. I am thinking of copying the ISO to our server and mount it. The
server is using grub as the boot loader. Now i dont know what changes I
need to make in grub on SLES 11 SP4 so that if I restart I get the SLES 12
SP5 ISO boot prompt from where I can proceed with my upgrade.

Please let me know the technical steps . It would be of great help.

Sachin Kumar

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