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Load winpe over pxe with grub

From: Seidel, Michael
Subject: Load winpe over pxe with grub
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2020 12:40:52 +0000


I am trying to load winpe over the network (UEFI).
I set up a dnsmasq as dhcp server and enabled tftp.

I send over the grubx64.efi file and give it the tftp folder in the 

Put the grubx64.efi into the tftp folder and then I created /grub/grub.cfg.

menuentry 'winpe' {
               insmod chain
               insmod net
               set root=(tftp)
               chainloader /?

What would I need to chainload to get it to work, I already tried numerous 

  *   the complete winpe.iso,
  *   setting up foldertrees with assorted files
  *   bootx64.efi
  *   boot.wim
  *   bootmgr/ bootmgr.efi

Most of the time it tries to load but I get left with a black screen and no 
error message.

My understanding is that I have to also set root to the mod memdisk to be able 
to use the winpe.iso.
But I also have to have tftp set as root to be able to load it over the network.

Thank you for any pointers in advance.

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