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Any chance to get grub-invaders booting with grub-efi-amd64?

From: Fabian Greffrath
Subject: Any chance to get grub-invaders booting with grub-efi-amd64?
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 15:48:16 +0200
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Hi there,

grub-invaders [1] is a multiboot compliant kernel game.

I'd really like to get this little game running *somehow* on my current system. I have grub-efi-amd64 installed as my current boot loader and Legacy Mode is disabled in the BIOS. The first hurdle was to disable Secure Boot in order for GRUB to load the multiboot module. But even now, the game doesn't start. Instead, it only shows the GRUB background image and nothing happens.

I understand that the game uses quite some BIOS calls, so I tried to "provide it some BIOS" by loading a SeaBIOS image with 'loadbios' and calling 'fakebios' before the multiboot call, but this didn't help either. I am confident that the game's compiled ELF image itself is functional, as it suceeds to load with QEMU.

Additionally, the game runs in pure 80x25 text mode, but GRUB seems to refuse to switch away from graphical mode. Is it possible to enforce this somehow?

Any change to get this neat kernel game to work with an EFI GRUB?


 - Fabian


Originally, the game is called "invaders", but since this sounds a bit too generic, the term "grub-invaders" has somehow established - although multiboot-invaders or bios-invaders would have been good monikers as well.

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