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smbios module help

From: Frederic TOURRET
Subject: smbios module help
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 14:00:36 +0000


I'm trying to install Debian Jessie on different Kontron PC Card. Il use the 
same system backup image for all card. But some of else need different kernel 
parameters to work well.

The idea is to use smbios command in the grub to determine the model of the 
card and use the good parameters in the Linux command line.
On Debian Jessie I use dmidecode to find the model of the card but I don't find 
any help to use smbios command to have the same result.

Interesting information in dmidecode :
                For the first card PentxM2 :
SMBIOS 2.3 present.
42 structures occupying 1734 bytes.
Table at 0x000E4B20.
Handle 0x000C, DMI type 0, 20 bytes
BIOS Information
        Vendor: Insyde USA
        Version: PentxM2/M4 1.00.57
        Release Date: 04/27/2009
        ROM Size: 2048 kB

                For the other card example VM6050 :
SMBIOS 2.6 present.
41 structures occupying 2008 bytes.
Table at 0x000E9300.
Handle 0x0002, DMI type 2, 15 bytes
Base Board Information
        Manufacturer: Kontron
        Product Name: VM6050

An other question. If I write code in grub.cfg to find hardware model, how can 
I disable update-grub command effect to preserve manual configuration ? Perhaps 
is not the good method... I am beginner with grub and I not sure to understand 
all in grub philosophy.

Can you help me ?  Thanks.


Frédéric TOURRET
Software Manager
ZA de l'Artière
14 rue des Pâles
Tél : +33 (0)7 79 61 82 16<>

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