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Integration of Windows Boot Manager and Grub 0.9/ 2 - Stage 1 / 1.5 / 2

From: Matthew Millar
Subject: Integration of Windows Boot Manager and Grub 0.9/ 2 - Stage 1 / 1.5 / 2
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 01:30:40 +0100

I've been researching MBR dual booting Windows and Linux using the
Windows Boot Manager, and exploring EasyBCD, which is promoted in
various dual booting solutions where Windows Boot Manager remains the

However, EasyBCD depends upon GRUB 0.9/2, LILO or SysLinux, and, in
the case of Grub Legacy, appears to create 2 files (on boot partition)
- \ANG0 and \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr - and the following Windows Boot
Manager entry:

Name: NeoSmart Linux
BCD ID: {8ec6772c-e2c1-11e3-9b06-9ec929f2cb31}
Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Bootloader Path: \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr

So I want to request some insight into how WBM and GRUB 0.9/2 are
being integrated, which I anticipate requires insight into the GRUB

ANG0 is 323359 bytes
AutoNeoGrub0.mbr is 8192 bytes

Considering 'Bootloader Path' can address both EXEs and MBRs, I
anticipate this functions similar to chainloading.

Would the GRUB equivalent of winload.exe be GRUB stage 2? If so, what
files constitute that stage, and can they be installed separately from
stages 1 and 1.5?

I intend to mount the NTFS system reserved partition to /boot, and
hope to install GRUB on Linux and configure it such that it populates
/boot/grub, without erasing the MBR.

What GRUB installation commands or configurations would be required?

If WBM can only chainload MBR files, can GRUB generate an MBR file,
rather than writing it to disk?

Thanks in advance.

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