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Re: Does this list echo?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Does this list echo?
Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 15:20:22 -0600
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ToddAndMargo wrote:
>    I am about to find out the hard way if this mailing list supports
>    HTML in-line images.

Images like that are simply an attachment.  Attachments are
supported.  Whether it is inline or not is a feature of the mail
reader in use at the recipient.

But posting *large* images is strongly discouraged.  And posting an
image of anything that is trivially cut and pasted is also
discouraged.  Because images are not indexed making the contents of
them hard to search for.  And other reasons.

Your small image was small enough but using again the text would have
been trivial to paste in instead and then it would be indexed.

>    Found the setting.  It does not work.  I do not get echo back of
>    my own posts.

It does work.  Please contact the admins at mailman AT and ask
for help.  Let's not annoy everyone on the help-grub mailing list
trying to debug an individual email delivery problem.

>    And I am using, not gmail.

So many people have their domains delivered to Google Gmail that it is
often not easy to tell if someone is forwarding there or not.
Therefore I make that PSA (public service announcement) when the topic
arises.  Because it is a very common FAQ concerning the issue.  Other
people will read it and then slowly the understanding of how things
work propagates.

>    I subscribe to about 20 mailing list.  The only other one that
>    this happens to is the Xfce list and they do it on purpose.

I am not subscribed to the xfce list so know nothing about it.  I am
subscribed to a very many mailing lists however.


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