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Re: I need Dual Legacy EFI help

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: I need Dual Legacy EFI help
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 09:16:57 +0200
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Le 14/05/2019 à 04:07, ToddAndMargo a écrit :
On 5/13/19 8:43 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 05/05/2019 à 11:11, ToddAndMargo a écrit :

How do I trick grub2-mkconfig to make me a Legacy boot
when I am booted into EFI?

You can try to boot with the "noefi" kernel parameter.
Or unmount pstore and efivar filesystems and unload efi kernel modules.

This is a change from Fedroa 29 to 30.  "grub2-mkconfig" now hunts
down what type of boot you have and generates a grub.cfg

Can you show samples of this change in grub.cfg ?

Now if I could boot from legacy, I could generate a legacy
grub.cfg, but since it won't boot into legacy, I am stuck.

Did you try to boot with "noefi" in the kernel command line as I suggested ? It disables EFI services and may trick grub2-mkconfig into thinking that it was not booted in EFI mode.

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