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Re: grub2 - add NVME to boot from - how?

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: grub2 - add NVME to boot from - how?
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2019 09:45:52 +0100
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Le 07/03/2019 à 20:26, lejeczek a écrit :
On 16/08/2018 19:38, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

If the motherboard has an M.2 slot, it is unlikely that the firmware
does not have support for NVME. Note however that some UEFI firmwares
may support NVME only with EFI boot, not with BIOS/legacy boot.

I have an oldish box which is has no NVMe support, not in form of M.2
slot, but I got that cheap PCIe M.2 adapter.

Does the adapter card have a BIOS ROM extension adding NVMe support ?

Now, I have done dd my original whole drive to NVMe, then I dd my
original drive to another small SSD, fdisk it so only boot partition
remains on this "new" SSD.

Something is obviously missing there in this simplistic approach,
although kernel boots from this new small SSD it does not load the rest
of the whole system.

I am stuck with dracut.

That would be grub or/and dracut need tweaking?

The kernel and initramfs are running, so GRUB did its job.

I do not know dracut at all, using only Debians's default initramfs generator initramfs-tools.

How is the root filesystem specified ? With the root= parameter in the kernel line (passed by GRUB) or embedded into the initramfs ? By UUID or device name /dev/something ? SATA devices have /dev/sd* names, NVMe devices have /dev/nvme* names.

Some initramfs generators include only the drivers needed to mount the root filesystem, others include more generic support (may be configurable). Is NVMe support included in the current initramfs ?

Does Dracut's initramfs include a debug/rescue mode with a shell allowing to investigate ?

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