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Re: Grub doesn't work on Lenovo YOGA 330-11IGM

From: Илья Федин
Subject: Re: Grub doesn't work on Lenovo YOGA 330-11IGM
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2019 05:00:40 +0400

   I have already said, if I replace grub with systemd-boot from the Arch
   Linux image on a flash drive, then I can boot any distribution even
   If I install distribution with Grub on the built-in eMMC or manually
   installed SSD, there will be a cursor.
   Distributions that only support Grub, I can boot via rEFInd, but with
   GuixSD it won't work.


   And there are no support for Legacy boot, only UEFI.
   Also there are no possibility to add boot records to efivars, only
   Windows Boot Manager and bootx64.efi

   28.02.2019, 13:15, "Steve" <address@hidden>:

   How do you know the problem is grub?
   Did you also try LiveUSB images that use Syslinux or grub4dos or
   bootmgr and do they work OK?
   Did you try booting the grub LiveUSB on another system or on a VM?
   How did you make the grub LiveUSB?
   Do you see any messages at all?
   Did you change the BIOS settings? Are you trying to Legacy\MBR boot or
   Since others have install Ubuntu
   It is clearly possible to install and boot grub from it.
   A Legacy boot to a black screen with Flashing cursor only (no other
   messages) is usually an indication that the BIOS has booted the
   bootloader incorrectly - possible reasons are that it thinks you USB
   device is a floppy disk or super-floppy and not a 'hard disk'. With
   some systems, this can be fixed by making sure the USB drive has two
   primary partitions (even if the 2nd one is not used at all).

   On Thu, 28 Feb 2019 at 02:08, D-~D->>NOEN D-CURD-uD-'D-,D- 1/2
   <address@hidden> wrote:

     When I run LiveUSB with Grub, instead of the boot menu, I get a
     unblinking cursor, I can only do a power reset. When installing
     system with Grub is the same. Given that most LiveCD images come
     with Grub, I need to replace Grub with systemd-boot on each image.
     And the use of GuixSD is impossible at all.
     What should I do to solve this problem?
     Help-grub mailing list


   D-! N fD-^2D-DEGD-P:D-uD- 1/2D-,D-uD- 1/4,
   D-~D->>NOEN D-CURD-uD-'D-,D- 1/2


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