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GRUB installation via copy&paste?

From: Roland Hummel
Subject: GRUB installation via copy&paste?
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2019 20:29:25 +0100
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my university allowed me to set up a multiboot environment in a computer pool equipped with iMacs (running MacOS 10.11.6 El Capitan) to give the students the possibility to work under GNU/Linuxas well. I have problems with the GRUB configuration and kindly want to ask for help:

I've set up a test environment with a parallel installation of MacOS and a GNU/Linux (currently elementaryOS), OS selection via rEFInd boot manager [1]. Then I've cloned the GNU/Linux with Clonezilla [2] to a test the prepared GNU/Linux on a target system. I've copied the grub configuration from the source system to the target system and replaced the UUID of the source system partition with the one of the system partition of the target system. Unfortunately the target system just boots into GRUB.

I know there are dozens of tutorials out there "how to fix GRUB" but the challenge in my case is that I need a "deployment setup" in the end that works with commands available from the MacOS command line, because there is no deployment environment for the final "rollout", just NFS storage where I can save the "deployment files" like the image prepared with Clonezilla, the rEFInd and GRUB configuration. Obviously I don't want to set up the multiboot environment on every Mac manually but with a script executed under MacOS which is the preinstalled OS on all systems here.

I think that there is something wrong with the UUID in the grub.cfg of the target system. According to

TargetMac:~ root# diskutil list
/dev/disk0 (internal, physical):
#: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *1.0 TB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Apple OS X 871.0 GB disk0s2 3: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk0s3 4: Linux Filesystem 111.2 GB disk0s4 5: Linux Swap 17.2 GB disk0s5
TargetMac:~ root# diskutil info /dev/disk0s4
   Device Identifier:        disk0s4
   Device Node:              /dev/disk0s4
   Whole:                    No
   Part of Whole:            disk0
   Device / Media Name:      Linux filesystem

   Volume Name:              Not applicable (no file system)

   Mounted:                  Not applicable (no file system)

   File System:              None

   Partition Type:           Linux Filesystem
   OS Can Be Installed:      No
   Media Type:               Generic
   Protocol:                 SATA
   SMART Status:             Verified
   Disk / Partition UUID:    ABC0EEAF-A36A-4004-98E4-5C4E8C423BD8

Total Size: 111.2 GB (111159225856 Bytes) (exactly 217107863 512-Byte-Units)
   Volume Free Space:        Not applicable (no file system)
   Device Block Size:        512 Bytes

   Read-Only Media:          No
   Read-Only Volume:         Not applicable (no file system)

   Device Location:          Internal
   Removable Media:          No

   Solid State:              No

TargetMac:~ root#

I should use the following GRUB configuration:

search.fs_uuid abc0eeaf-a36a-4004-98e4-5c4e8c423bd8 root hd0,gpt4
set prefix=($root)'/boot/grub'
configfile $prefix/grub.cfg

(which I added under MacOS via "mkdir /Volumes/ESP && mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/ESP" in "/Volumes/ESP/EFI/ubuntu/grub.cfg").

A reboot into the GNU/Linux system ends up in GRUB. Any idea how what I have to fix to boot the GNU/Linux system or is this the wrong way to configure GRUB, even in my special case?

Bets regards and thank you for any help


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