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Re: 'error: invalid signature' when booting Windows 10

From: David Collier
Subject: Re: 'error: invalid signature' when booting Windows 10
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 21:13:34 -0800

when I try booting from the usb stick it indeed shows two boot options,
'Patriot Memory PMAP' and 'UEFI: Patriot  Memory PMAP' but when I try
picking the UEFI option it fails with message

error: file '/boot' not found

however, if I boot from this stick in non UEFI mode I see that it has two
partitions, and both of them have /boot directory.

Any idea what could be wrong? Some search suggests that it could be due to
the fact that I copied the .iso image to the stick using dd, is this the

thank you,


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