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Re: 'error: invalid signature' when booting Windows 10

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: 'error: invalid signature' when booting Windows 10
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:33:46 +0100
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Le 11/12/2018 à 08:03, David Collier a écrit :

grub_cpu         i386
grub_platform  pc

This means, as I suspected, that the active GRUB flavour is GRUB BIOS booted in BIOS/legacy mode, not GRUB EFI. GRUB BIOS is unable to chainload an EFI executable such as the EFI Windows boot manager bootmgfw.efi. If you want to chainload it, you must boot in EFI mode with a GRUB EFI instance, as you did previously when the chainloading worked.

prefix               (hd0,gpt3)/boot/grub

IIUC, (hd0) is the SSD containing the GNU/Linux system root filesystem ; the EFI partition (hd1,gpt3) containing Windows boot manager is on another drive (hd1).

You mentionned that you could reinstall Windows. Reinstalling Windows in BIOS/legacy mode would allow it to be chainloaded by GRUB BIOS ; but it would also require to repartition Windows' boot/system drive with a DOS/MBR partition table instead of a GPT partition table. Windows is not as flexible as GRUB and GNU/Linux with partition table vs. boot mode combinations.

Could you provide the previous and current drive/partition layout of this machine ?

I wish I could read cmdptah - but it gets scrolled away from the screen and
I did not find a way to read it,

With the following declaration, GRUB will pause after each page, a bit like 'more' does :

set pager=1

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