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chainload windows10 after using nativedisk

From: Fi ps
Subject: chainload windows10 after using nativedisk
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 15:12:26 +0100

(Please excuse my bad english.)

Hello, search a way to use a serial connection to control Grub2, but my efi
don't support a USB/Serial or any other serial connection. So I tried to
use a FTDI Usb/Seial dongle in Grub. To access the device in the grub
console i  run:

insmod ehci

At this point i can use the serial connection or boot linux but cant boot
windows anymore.
If i try to use the chainloader, he get back: "not a valid root device".

 now my questions are:
- is it possible to bypass the use of the native diskdriver and use the usb
dongle without break the efi stuff to boot over hd0... and not over
ahci0... ?

- or is if possible to go back, after the serial connection was active, to
the point where all disks are efi disks?

- or bring the chainloader  to work with

Thanks for reading.

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