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Re: Unusual GRUB_ notation after reboot of Linux

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: Unusual GRUB_ notation after reboot of Linux
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018 15:02:29 +0100
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Le 02/11/2018 à 21:58, Bijay Dey a écrit :

I have a multi-booted system with GNU GRUB of Ubuntu. I installed
openSUSE as the last os. but after installation accomplish, my system
boots into text-based-console.
  It is neither a typical GNU GRUB prompt nor a Grub-boot-menu.
Instead, its showing GRUB _ notation. the keyboard is also non
functioning with the console.

  Would you plz tell me the reason behind the problem? Is it a normal
behaviour of GNU Grub ?? or it is something else ??

This is not a prompt. "GRUB" is the text printed by GRUB's boot image. It should be followed by "loading" when the core image is loaded properly.

I have already written a post, asking people for their views,
solution. here, it is .. I am still

I guess the reason why GRUB hangs while trying to load the core image is explained in the boot info script report you posted :

sda3: __________________________________________________________________________

    File system:       Extended Partition
    Boot sector type:  Grub2 (v1.99-2.00)
Boot sector info: Grub2 (v1.99-2.00) is installed in the boot sector of sda3 and looks at sector 218870338 of the same hard drive for core.img, but core.img can not be found at this location.

sda3 has the "boot" flag in the partition table. But an extended partition has no room for embedding the core image, so block lists must be used but it is unreliable. Sector 218870338 belongs to logical partition sda10 which seems to be SUSE /boot partition.

This is the problem when using block lists instead of embedding. The sectors containing the core image may change and the block list is not updated.

Bottom line : the GRUB installation is broken. Reinstall GRUB from any of the installed systems.

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