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Network boot

From: Christopher Lucas
Subject: Network boot
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 10:06:56 +0100
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I've recently bought a 32-bit EFI Windows Tablet with 64-bit CPU. It doesn't have any Ethernet port so I'm using a USB-Ethernet adapter (rtl8153 chipset works with IPXE). I've successfully installed Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit via bootia32.efi on it and it works perfectly fine. Using GRUB2 (32-bit) allowed me to also install Arch Linux 2018.10.01 64-bit (just a test). I added an menu entry via a custom file in /etc/grub.d.

So as internet was saying, GRUB2 is capable of cross-archicture. Now, I would like to network boot with GRUB2. The complex part of this, again, is booting a 64-bit image via 32-bit GRUB2. The server side is all setup and working (because it's already in production and used consistently for network booting).

No luck so far, I've been able, from my 32-bit EFI, to connect to my server using a 32-bit .efi file by compiling ipxe github project in 32-bit but could not load the kernel (Normal because I'm in 32-bit).


menuentry "IPXE 32-bit"{

    chainloader i386.efi => made with make bin-i386-efi/ncm--ecm.efi


From GRUB2 (32-bit), I've tried to load a 64-bit .efi file but I get a error: unknown error (assume that it's because of architecture).


menuentry "IPXE 32-bit"{

    chainloader am64.efi => made with make bin-x86_64-efi/ncm--ecm.efi


I've also used but no luck there either. (relaunches EFI or freezes)

So I come to you! Is there a way with a 32-bit GRUB2 to load a 64-bit image that is located on my server? Help would be much appreciated. Hope I was clear enough.

Best regards

Christoper Lucas

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