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Re: New Grub2 verses Debian 9.5 -boots slow and strange?

From: Richard Owlett
Subject: Re: New Grub2 verses Debian 9.5 -boots slow and strange?
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 08:10:41 -0500
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On 10/20/2018 06:27 AM, address@hidden wrote:
   Power up machine
   Grub screen for a few seconds
   Two lines looking for SD 4:0:0:0 [sdb]

Seems normal except looking for 4:0:0:0 as SDB and not finding anything so it gives up eventually?

   Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device

On this laptop I get something with a similar flavor.
However, it stays on the screen long enough that I can see that a specific option has been asked for but is not available. I've not investigated further as it occurs only on this physical machine otherwise continues normally.

   a few more lines

Boot process decides this is a very slow hard drive so decides to wait for it to warm up?

   A start job is running for dev-disk #####.device 1min. 30seconds

I frequently get that on the *FIRST* boot on a fresh system.
It is looking for the SWAP partition.
The cause, in my case, is two fold.

I experiment multiple configurations on my machine.
For my use case the Debian installer has two annoying "features".
I explicitly say "features" because, all though it bugs me [pun intended], I believe it is intentional and what a TYPICAL user wants/expects.
1. If installer installs grub to boot partition it always gives priority
   to the most recent install. *NOT* desirable when experimenting ;}
2. If you want a swap partition used, there appears to be noway of using
   the existing SWAP without changing its UUID - thus breaking all other
   installs :<

My procedure after an experimental install is:
1. Run update-grub from my default install.
2. Edit etc/fstab to point to the same swap partition that all other
  installs use.


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