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grub hangs in boot depending on initrd image

From: Michael Meskes
Subject: grub hangs in boot depending on initrd image
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 11:37:14 +0200
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I have a problem with grub2 and no idea how to debug it. My system is an
up-to-date Debian Sid but it's not bootable since grub hangs after loading the
initial ramdisk. After issuing the boot command, debug shows "append command"
and then "malloc" after which nothing else happens anymore.

However, if I switch to my Ubuntu chroot and re-create the initrd there after
copying kernel and modules over, everything works well, the system boots etc.

The Debian installer showed the same behaviour btw, Ubuntu install worked
(mostly) but Debian had to be done from the running Ubuntu instance.

Any idea what could cause this and how to fix or at least debug the issue?


Michael Meskes
Michael at Fam-Meskes dot De, Michael at Meskes dot (De|Com|Net|Org)
Meskes at (Debian|Postgresql) dot Org
Jabber: michael at xmpp dot meskes dot org
VfL Borussia! Força Barça! Go SF 49ers! Use Debian GNU/Linux, PostgreSQL

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