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Re: debugging grub2

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: debugging grub2
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2018 19:48:16 +0200
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Le 05/09/2018 à 08:26, daggs a écrit :

I have a setup that runs centos installer (CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1804.iso) from 
cd in uefi, thing is, when it get to grub, instead of showing the menu, I get 
grub rescue.
ls shows (cd0) but no partitions.

Why should it show any partitions ? A CD-ROM has no partitions.
Can ls show the contents of (cd0) ?

I've verified the installer is ok on another system so this is not an installer 

In UEFI mode too ?

I want to enable debugging in grub to see if I can understand what is the issue.
I've mounted the iso and entersed grub.cfg, there I've added this fourlines:
set pager=1
set debug=all
serial --unit=0
terminal_output serial

How did you manage to modify a file in a read-only filesystem (ISO9660) on a read-only medium (CD-ROM) ?

after the first line (set default=1)
but I still don't get any debug prints in the serial.

Of course not. grub.cfg is read in normal mode, but dropping to the rescue shell means that GRUB could not find the normal module and switch to normal mode.

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