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Re: nativedisk usage

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: nativedisk usage
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2018 21:12:17 +0200
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El 03/09/18 a las 20:38, Mihai Moldovan escribió:
> Hi
> Baking nativedisk (and other respective modules) into core.img and executing 
> it
> in a baked-in grub.cfg file (e.g., via "nativedisk ahci") switches to the 
> native
> disk drivers correctly, but doesn't modify variables such as prefix, root or
> cmdpath.
> In my case, the disks are remapped to ahciX and module loading (including
> normal) fails afterwards.
> I generally could hardcode new values in the embedded grub.cfg file, but is
> there a way to let that happen automatically? E.g., if booting from the first
> hard drive, prefix and root are set to (hd0,...)/..., which I would like to 
> have
> automatically changed to (ahci0,...)/... on native disk driver load.
> Mihai

Hi Mihai,

Check Super Grub2 Disk source code. I had to fix or workaround this.
Or maybe I didn't need to.

The code would be here:

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