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Re: on booting my vm I get grub> prompt instead of menu

From: Pascal Hambourg
Subject: Re: on booting my vm I get grub> prompt instead of menu
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2018 20:09:14 +0200
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Le 27/07/2018 à 16:01, John Covici a écrit :

I have a vm at linode -- I don't know if that makes any difference,
but I thought to mention it.  Now in this vm, I have installed grub on
/dev/sda and while doing this /dev/sda1 was mounted on /boot.
grub-mkconfig was successful.  /dev/sda2 contains a number of lvm
volumes one of which is the root volume specified in the kernel.  What
happens is when I boot up the system, I have to access the serial
console which I can do to see what is happening and I get just a grub>
prompt.  Now if I type exit, it says booting from hard disk and I get
the menu and things boot normally.

Can someone help me figure out why this is happening and how to fix?
I am using Debian 8 on that vm.  Let me know if you need more information.

For diagnosis, you can install boot-info-script and run bootinfoscript.

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