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RE: search by PARTUUID

From: Urs Ritzmann
Subject: RE: search by PARTUUID
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 08:00:50 +0000

> What would be the use case ?
Ok, let me elaborate my motivation. It's an embedded setup with the following 

 - The kernel is part of the root filesystem and loaded from there.
 - There are multiple (redundant) root filesystems (each including its own 
 - Updates are always performed on a full image, meaning that one of the root 
filesystems is completely re-written during an update.
 - PARTUUID would point to the most recently updated Image (partition 
containing rootfs/kernel). 

The thing is that when rewriting the filesystem during an update, the 
filesystem UUID changes, where in contrast, the partition UUID stays constant. 
So using the PARTUUID would be a better solution.

> IOW, why can't you use another search option ?
Currently, the filesystem UUID is used in the search. It works, but the fs UUID 
has to be updated after an image update which is a bit ugly. A constant 
PARTUUID pointing to current image would be more clean.

Many Thanks

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