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Re: question about grub windows dual boot

From: Felix Miata
Subject: Re: question about grub windows dual boot
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2018 12:21:52 -0500
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Xen composed on 2018-02-26 17:02 (UTC):

> Dante Ernesto García Vargas composed:

>>> Does Windows breaks GRUB ramdonly after being installed and set in order
>>> to dual boot Linux and Windows?

> Windows 10 has been known to overwrite the boot sector on updates 
> recently.

> Ordinarily, it does not.

> It's best to always have an USB stick or SD card available to boot Linux 
> with, all you need is the boot sector + space till the first partition.

> I mean any MBR card/stick partitioned with a 2048s (1MB) partition 
> offset can be used to install Grub with no other requirements.

> Ordinarily Windows leaves the boot sector alone after installation.....
 Even better, don't put Grub on the MBR in the first place:

When you make Linux boot from Grub on a primary partition instead of the MBR,
then the worst Windows will do is move the boot flag off your Linux onto its
own, which you can fix from a Windows boot in a few seconds on those few
occasions it happens. Some Windows updates will inexplicably fail unless the
boot flag is on a Windows partition, with the result that much time is wasted by
Windows repeatedly trying to install, failing, then restoring, then trying 
"Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Whatever else you
get, get wisdom." Proverbs 4:7 (New Living Translation)

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