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Re: Re GRUB timeout not working after power failure

From: Benjamin Moody
Subject: Re: Re GRUB timeout not working after power failure
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 21:00:57 +0000

On 12/3/17, John Little <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi
> I think this is properly a CentOS issue; different distros handle this
> differently. At the top of grub.cfg there's a loadenv command that reads
> variables from /boot/grub/grubenv, including saved_entry and next_entry.
> These appear to reset the default.


It occurred to me, after writing that first mail, that for some reason
there might not be a "default" entry in this situation.  I had looked
at the 'grubenv' file and seen that (at least while the system was
running) there was always a 'saved_entry' defined.  So I didn't
initially consider the possibility that 'default' might be undefined
or point to a nonexistent entry.

But maybe, for some reason, the grubenv file can't be read following a
power failure?  Would grub refuse to load the file if the filesystem
appears "dirty"?  (/boot is XFS in this case, BTW.)

What I ended up doing was, in /etc/default/grub, changing GRUB_DEFAULT
from 'saved' to '0' (and then running grub2-mkconfig to regenerate
grub.cfg.)  I also added 'GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=countdown' just in case.

I can... sort of... understand the motivation behind making 'saved'
the default, but for servers it seems like a bad idea in any case.


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