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Grub 2.02 and FIFO Files

From: Mathias Radtke
Subject: Grub 2.02 and FIFO Files
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 12:34:54 +0100
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the company I work for used PXE boots to provision operating systems.
We use FIFO 'files' tto perform the PXE boot so that the system boots into the installes OS afterwards. Currently we use elilo for EFI provisioning. However we would like to switch to GRUB. Our curent grub.cfg reads the mac-address, performs a regexp and gets the file to the corresponding mac address. This works fine if I the file is regular. When the file is a FIFO 'file' grub runs into a timeout.
Is there any way to make GRUB read the FIFO 'file' correctly?


Mathias Radtke


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