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Re: dhcp vendor-option and grub net_pxe_extensionspath

From: Carl Karsten
Subject: Re: dhcp vendor-option and grub net_pxe_extensionspath
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 14:11:07 -0500

On Apr 28, 2017 2:32 PM, "Andrei Borzenkov" <address@hidden> wrote:

28.04.2017 21:13, Carl Karsten пишет:
> On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 11:28 AM, Andrei Borzenkov <address@hidden>
> wrote:
>> 28.04.2017 08:57, Carl Karsten пишет:
>>> I am using dnsmasq, but I can bring up isc dhcp too.  I need help with
>> both
>>> sides, but on the grub list I won't be too picky about what dhcp server
>> is
>>> used.
>>> I am looking for the syntax of dhcp vendor options, and then how to
>> access
>>> them in grub-net.  I think.  maybe there is a better way.
>>> I pxe boot grub, which boots di (Debian Installer) and pass a preseed
>> file.
>>> I am trying to work out a nice way to pass host specific info to di
>>> example, most use:
>>> partman-auto/disk="/dev/sda"
>>> but one machine has an onboard ssd nvme which needs /dev/nvme0n1
>>> di will read values appended to the kernel boot line, so I can hard code
>> it
>>> like this:
>>> menuentry "Install Ubuntu preseed" {
>>> set gfxpayload=keep
>>> linux /ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux gfxpayload=800x600x16,800x600 ---
>>> auto=true url=dc10b hostname= partman-auto/disk="/dev/nvme0n1"
>>> interface=${net_default_mac}
>>> initrd /ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz
>>> }
>>> interface=${net_default_mac} - use the nic that pxe booted.
>>> Now I get lost in conf options and syntax.  forgive me for making stuff
>> up
>>> here, if it worked I wouldn't be asking for help.
>>> I am hoping for something like
>>> partman-auto/disk=$(net_pxe_extensionspath/disk}
>>> in dnsmasq conf:
>>> dhcp-host=40:8d:5c:7f:bb:90,,gator
>>> dhcp-option-force=host:gator,209,"disk=/dev/nvme0n1"
>>> So yeah, how do I send random strings based on mac/hostname
>>> and how do I read what was sent in grub?
>> You can use net_get_dhcp_option to extract from DHCP ACK packet. In this
>> case it would be something like
>> net_get_dhcp_option disk ${net_default_interface} 209 string
>> Unless you intend to set multiple values in single option, setting its
>> value to just "/dev/nvme0n1" simplifies further parsing.
> This looks like the answer I am looking for.  Now to digest it.  This is
> the edge of what I am familiar with, so allow me to confirm things.
> 209 is how I reference the value I set?
> Kinda like server sets key #209 = abc,
> client says var = get key #209

Yes. This is option number.

> Multiple values is something I should probably accommodate.
> I am thinking
> menuentry "Install Ubuntu preseed" {
> set gfxpayload=keep
> linux /ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux gfxpayload=800x600x16,800x600 ---
> auto=true url=dc10b hostname=  interface=${net_default_mac}
> initrd /ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz
> }
> dhcp can supply
> partman-auto/disk="/dev/nvme0n1"  user=foo pw_hash=abc
> tasks="ubuntu-desktop"
> either as one big value or a bunch of separate ones that get assembled.

Well, you will then probably need regex command to extract individual
values. Allocating DHCP option number for each individual value
certainly makes it easier.

For now I am happy with one big string in and one big string out.  The
kernel or installer will parse it.

But of I do need to send individual values, what option numbers are

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