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Re: Support for plain dm-crypt and detached LUKS header

From: John Lane
Subject: Re: Support for plain dm-crypt and detached LUKS header
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 14:50:43 +0100
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Hi Matt,

Sorry I have only just noticed your email today.

You probably realise that my crypto enhancement does not include
anything to assist with autogeneration of grub configs. As I said in my
message [1] of 11/2/17, I didn't think there was any reliable way to do
this for encrypted volumes.

I did think that some way of using a disk's hardware model and serial in
a Grub drive spec might help (for both plain and luks) but I never took
it anywhere because the autogeneration part is beyond the scope of what
I needed to understand so that I could implement the crypto support, and
I know nothing about how Grub finds devices.

I think any autogeneration support should be considered separately to
the implementation of the crypto extensions, which I hope will find
their way into Grub in the release after next (after 2.02?).

It's great that supporting dm-crypt/luks in grub-install is being
discussed but it isn't something I feel that I can personally contribute
to at the moment. Hopefully your patches might evolve into what's required.

I just wanted to acknowledge your message.



ps. I have to second Xen's comment that the formatting of your messages
made them difficult to read :)

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