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I seem to have bricked my Fuloong

From: Ingvald Johansen
Subject: I seem to have bricked my Fuloong
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 12:24:13 +0200



   Please read through the entire message. I installed OpenBSD on my
   Lemote Fuloong and noticed that the system began to power on
   automatically when plugged in, which was not what I wanted. To solve
   this issue I ran some command in PMON which was called "reset cache" or
   something, which bricked the computer. Now when I power it on there is
   no picture and numlock doesn't work. If I hold in the power button for
   several seconds it doesn't turn off. The only signs of life is the
   power LED and the noisy fan. I read that GRUB can replace PMON on the
   Fuloong and my question is whether it's feasible to somehow have the
   ROM flashed with GRUB. I don't know how to do this, however. I'd be
   very grateful for any help.


   Ingvald Johansen


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