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display background image problem

From: Belisko Marek
Subject: display background image problem
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 20:40:34 +0100


I'm trying in grub 2 display background image. I compiled grub for my
board using yocto build system. I added video modules + gfxterm to
have backgorund_image command available. When run background_image
root/image.png I got:
error: no video mode activated

When check videoinfo command I can see that there is efi_gpo video
module with various screen resolutions. It seems that
grub_video_adapter_active is not set and  thus that error. I'm not
very familiar with grub debugging because it seems that this message
is called during startup. Any ideas how to proceed? Many thanks.



as simple and primitive as possible
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