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Re: lvm module can't see USB disks' volume group

From: Andrei Borzenkov
Subject: Re: lvm module can't see USB disks' volume group
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 06:23:41 +0300
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31.01.2017 22:27, Alexandre Oliva пишет:
> Note: I haven't yet determined that it's the USBness of the disks that's
> a factor; it might be disk size, though I find that unlikely.  So far,
> I've only converted some sub-TB disks to LVM.  The new USB disks that I
> set up with LVM are 5TB with 512b logical sectors; I've got another
> slightly older 5TB non-USB disk that I intend to convert over the next
> few days, and other smaller but still few-TB-sized disks, some plain
> SATA, some in USB3 enclosures that make the disks seem to support only
> 4KiB sectors, and so I may shortly know whether GRUB has issues with big
> PVs or USB disks. 

GRUB itself should not, but BIOS support for 4K disks is pretty flaky.
If you have possibility to attach serial console (or otherwise record
grub output) we may try to debug it.

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