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Grub2 and Xen on arm64 - which modules do I have to use?

From: J. Eppler
Subject: Grub2 and Xen on arm64 - which modules do I have to use?
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 20:18:52 -0400
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I would like to run Xen on Debian (96boards HiKey board), but to be able
to load Xen I need Grub2 modules, which allow me to load Xen on ARM64
(also known as aarch64 or arm-v8).

According to the git commits (see [1]) Xen boot support for arm64 for
available with grub-2.02-beta3. In addition and according to this Xen
devel mailing list post [2] I need xen_hypervisor and xen_module
commands to create an Grub boot entry for Xen.

When I compile grub I get no xen_hypervisor or xen_module command, but a
xen_boot.mod. If I look into the `docs/grub.texi` I find the following

    @comment * xen_*::              Xen boot commands
    * xen_hypervisor::              Load xen hypervisor binary
    * xen_linux::                   Load dom0 kernel for xen hypervisor
    * xen_initrd::                  Load dom0 initrd for dom0 kernel
    * xen_xsm::                     Load xen security module for xen

Based on those information, I assume that `xen_boot.mod` provides the
`xen_hypervisor` command. Therefor I have to include `xen_boot.mod` in
the list of GRUB_MODULES for grub-mkimage. Is this correct?

My next question is regarding the xen_module command. Which .mod - file
to I have to include in GRUB_MODULES list to get this command?

I use the following `grub-mkimage` command:

$ export GRUB_MODULES="boot chain configfile echo efinet eval ext2 fat
font gettext gfxterm gzio help linux loadenv lsefi normal part_gpt
part_msdos read regexp search search_fs_file search_fs_uuid search_label
terminal terminfo test tftp time"

$ ./grub-mkimage --verbose --output=out/grubaa64.efi -p ""
--config=out/grub.configfile --format=arm64-efi $GRUB_MODULES

what modules to I have to add to my GRUB_MODULES array to get Xen support?



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