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Make it's own grub module

From: erwan daniel
Subject: Make it's own grub module
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2016 19:39:52 +0000


After a lot of search. I need to ask the question to specialist.
I would create my own module for Grub (.mod loaded by insmod) the only web page 
who talks about that is here

The instruction are not clear, i don't know where i can find the dl.h to get 
all function available.

And the compilation is very strange..

If it's not possible, you have an idea on how to grub can remember the last 
choice in boot menu ?

First i have think it is possible in script conf grub.conf but i haven't seen 
any function to write in a file an index for exemple to know on the next boot 
what is the entry to focus.

I hope you want and you can help me [😊]

Good evening !

GRUB2 Modules « Musings -<>
GRUB2 has a modular architecture with support for loading and unloading code 
modules as needed. Modules are similar to Linux kernel modules in some respects 
but in ...



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