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Grub 2.02~beta3 build

From: Ananth, Rajesh
Subject: Grub 2.02~beta3 build
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2016 17:09:22 +0000


I downloaded the Grub 2.02~beta3 source and did a successful build. I couldn't 
find the "linuxefi.mod" generated after the make,  as I need that for the EFI 
based boot. I looked for help on how to generate that and I think I am missing 
something out. I tried things such as GRUB_USE_LINUXEFI="true" in the 

I already tried the "configure" with "-with-platform=efi" option. But for the 
linuxefi.mod module, I see "grub-core/x86_64-efi/" has all the other needed 
modules getting built. My build system is not booted using EFI; it uses the 
normal BIOS for its Linux boot. Could that be an issue?

Rajesh Ananth

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