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ASRock A785GMH/128M fails to find devices when in RAID mode and disks ar

From: Xen
Subject: ASRock A785GMH/128M fails to find devices when in RAID mode and disks are present
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 16:29:57 +0200
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Just want to report that I have a motherboard (A785GMH/128M) that will fail to boot the moment a RAID disk is present.

Grub will just not see any devices. It will fail with a message that (hd0) could not be found.

"ls" then yields nothing, an empty line as output.

This is also true when booting from USB stick. It will fail to boot this stick, even though all required partitions etc. are on the stick itself.

An alternative motherboard with the same chipset that I have lying around will boot without issue although I have not configured an array on it yet; but this motherboard simply allows "Single Disks" to pass through and neither the usb-stick-grub nor the hard-disk-grub have a problem with it. So I have yet to test what happens when I take out the disk that is currently running this system and put it in that other system so that the RAID controller will see a "configured "SPARE DISK"" or something.

Motherboard is ASRock A785GMH/128M, socket AM2+, SB700, memtest86 runs fine (from an SD-card when the disks are present) and the Kubuntu DVD also boots as normal (have not allowed it to run to see if it will recognise the "array").

So this is just AMD firmware RAID, using the Promise "pdc" driver. I know that on a different AMD motherboard (SB710, 760G) I could not get Linux to boot (fully) but it was clear Grub didn't have any problems back then. The installed Grub on both test disks (usb + harddisk) is the Ubuntu version that is over a year old. I mean that it is at least as old as May 2015 as I mentioned under my developer nick on the devel list. So I haven't tried an actual new version yet based on current Git.

Is anything like this expectable or known?

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