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Looking for specific Debug grub-legacy version source code

From: Kosta Zertsekel
Subject: Looking for specific Debug grub-legacy version source code
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 09:45:40 +0000

Hi guys,

I'm looking for the Debian grub-legacy version,

where the `Changelog` files starts with:


2006-06-24  Robert Millan  <address@hidden>

* lib/device.c (write_to_partition): /dev/ataraid/ and /dev/rd/
partitions have a "p" prefix.  Add it.

2006-06-24  Robert Millan  <address@hidden>

* lib/device.c (get_i2o_disk_name): New function.
(init_device_map) [__linux__]: Add support for I2O devices.

I checked the Debian FTP repository at 
But the oldest version there is `0.97-67` (where `Changelog` files
starts with "2009-07-02  Pavel Roskin  <address@hidden>").

Well, I tried to find the git of grub-legacy, but in vain.
So, guys, can you please point me to the git/svn of Debian
grub-legacy or the archives of the old Debian grub-legacy
versions (older than `0.97-67`)?


--- KostaZ


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